Photo Gift Products: We produce a full range of photo products in-house, for a quick service.
We provide free artwork, including layout, design and text messages.
These are some examples of our products:

Ceramic Mugs:
(Dishwasher and Microwave safe)


Choose from white, or our new black mugs
Glass Beer Steins:
Small or Large
Stubby Holders Mouse Pads:
- Cloth
- Gloss
- Metallic
Sizes: child's 4 to adult's XXXL
Timber or Neoprene
- Timber
- Large 31x22cm
- Small 26x20cm
Teddy Bears with printed T-shirt:
(22cm high)
20cm (8") Round
10cm (4") Square
Timber or Acrylic
Jigsaws (Cardboard):
- A4: (120 piece)
- A3: (300 piece)
- 24x19cm (30 piece)
Jigsaws (Timber)
- 17x17cm (20 piece)
- 19x19cm (4 piece)
- 25x17cm (30 piece)
- 25x17cm (60 piece)
Keyrings (Acrylic)
- 36x25mm rectangle
- 45x35mm rectangle
- 75x70mm Heart
Keyrings (Metal)
Heart or rectangle shapes
Keyrings (Animals with T-shirt) Jewellery Box:
Timber with Ceramic Tile inlay in lid.
Photo Panels:
Solid timber panels with glossy photo printed directly onto surface.
Panels are hinged to enable free standing.
Fridge Magnets:
Acrylic - 65x45mm
Red Hearts,
or White Snow
Plastic Badge with Pin
Ceramic Tiles
Heat-proof, Water-proof and Flame-proof. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens etc.
Three sizes:
- 10cm (4") square
- 15cm (6") square
- 20cm (8") square
Example: Six tiles forming a flame guard behind gas stove. Purses & Shoulder Bags