*  We can enlarge your photos to just about any size, up to 2 metres or more.
     We can make prints from any source,whether it is film, digital photos, prints, colour slides etc.
*  Prints from our Epson Ultrachrome printer are made with archival quality inks and paper.
*  All images are optimised by our expert staff, prior to printing, by adjusting colour balance,
     brightness and contrast, to obtain the best possible print.
*  Choice of Glossy paper or  the popular Lustre finish.
*  To cater for the professional photographer, our printing process is fully colour-managed,
      with custom print profiles.
*  Call in to our shop and view some two-metre long examples.
Canvas Printing
*  Turn your photos into a work of art, that you can proudly display on your wall.
*  Our Canvas Prints are professionally-produced on-site using Epson Ultrachrome archival
     quality materials.
*  All necessary artwork and optimisation is made by our expert staff, free of charge,
     to provide the best quality results.
*  After printing, a UV and scuff-resistant coating is applied, to preserve its archival
*  Our stretcher frames are carefully hand-finished with smooth rounded edges, to prevent
     cracking of the canvas print, which is often seen on cheap canvas products.
*  Finally, the prints are stretched and framed, ready to hang.
      (We can additionally make a timber surround frame for the completed work)
*  Depending on the layout and composition of the image, it is usually wrapped around
     the frame edges. But if wrapping is not suitable, a matching coloured and textured
     edge is created, at no extra cost. As well as standard sizes, we can also make custom
     sizes to suit any image size and shape.
*  We are proud to provide a superior quality and service, compared to mass-produced
     items from department stores and online services.
*  Bring in your memory cards, USB drives, CD's, DVD's or your phone, for printing.
*  Our expert staff will optimise EVERY photo prior tp printing. We adjust the
     colours, brightness and contrast, as necessary, to produce the best possible results.
     We might charge a little extra, but our prints are far superior to those from the discounters
     and department stores, who DON'T provide this level of service.
*  We have Photo Kiosks in our shop to allow you to view and select your photos for printing.
*  Our Digital Minilab printer produces prints that are far superior , and cheaper, than any
     home printer can achieve.
*  All print sizes are available, including one we call "Digital Size" which ensures the 
     whole image is printed without cropping of heads and feet.
*  We can print any custom size you require, from fingernail size, any panorama size,
     right up to poster sizes of 2 metres or more. 
*  If required, we can also print your photos with attractive Black Borders (see below).
**  You may also e-mail your photos to us for printing .
*  As well as optional white borders, we can make prints of any size with attractive black borders or with our new "Gallery" borders,
      for example - black with fine white lines, or white with fine black lines :-
Black Borders (showing detail at right)
Black Borders with fine white line (showing detail at right)
White Borders with fine black line (showing detail at right)
*  Yes, we still process and print from film.
*  We can print and scan from any size film ( negative or transparency) up to 20 x 25cm (10" x 8")
*  We can make prints any size, right up to poster size. Or scan them to CD.
*  Turn your photos into a work of art, either a Collage, with Pop-Art or a Picturegraph :-
  We can create a Collage from a collection of your photos, which are randomly-arranged  :-
     -  any shape - square, rectangle, circle, numbers & letters, etc etc     
     -  any size - right up to large format poster size
     - any quantity of photos
     - choice of background and border colours
     - any text messages and wording you require
     - we do all the artwork for free - just pay for the print.
  Try our Pop-Art treatment on your photos - we remove all tones and photographic detail,
          and produce something more like a hand-drawn picture using primary colours.
  A Picturegraph is a unique set of your photos that are arranged in a special way to tell a story :-
     - your collection of photos is scanned and copied, then passed to a professional designer,
     - a preview draft of the design is forwarded to the customer for consultation and approval,
     - the final print is made, then framed ready for collection.
*  We are now offering a Sign printing service using our Large-format printer.
*  We can print your own files, whether they are house or building plans, advertising signs etc. 
*  If required, we can provide a design service as well.
*  AFL -
     We are now an officially licensed provider of photos from the AFL (Australian Football League). 
     Using our photo kiosks, choose your favourite player or team, and we will make high quality prints
     for you.
*  Facebook -
     Using our photo kiosks, open your Facebook page, select the photos you want, and we will
     print them for you on quality photographic paper. The whole process is quick and easy.
*  Picasa Web Albums & Kodak Gallery - 
     If you have photos stored on either Picasa Web Albums or Kodak Gallery,
     you can now access them directly from our photo kiosks for easy printing.

The Kingston Camera Centre is a specialist photo processing business. All printing is done to the highest quality.

Each image is individually checked, and the colours, contrast and brightness are adjusted manually by our expert staff to obtain the best possible prints.

We also offer different print sizes, to cater for the different shapes of photos produced by different cameras. No more missing heads or feet, like you get from the discounters.

Our staff are experienced and enthusiasts, and can help customers with the ordering process, and provide advice on taking photos.

Department stores, supermarkets and other discounters DO NOT provide any of these services, and rely on automatic machines to make their prints. Their results are often less than satisfactory, with incorrect colours, too dark or too light, or with parts of the image missing. That is a reason for their lower prices.

If quality is important to you, it is worth the little extra cost to have your photos printed by experts, and give you real value. Don’t confuse price with value; price is only what you pay, but value is what you actually get. Quality, whether good or bad, lasts forever.


Why do we charge more than the department stores and discounters? The prices we charge give us a fair and reasonable return on the investment in time and resources needed to provide our customers with a professional service. 

Certain big department stores have chosen digital printing as a “loss-leader”. This means they offer below-cost pricing on digital printing, purely to get customers into their stores to purchase more profitable items.

 It is illegal for a big business to use their market position and offer below-cost prices with the intention of forcing competitors out of business. A couple of large retailers appear to be engaging in this practice with their digital print pricing. They have been the subject of numerous complaints to the ACCC, and are currently being investigated. 

As a small business, we cannot possibly compete on price with these big businesses. Instead we aim to provide quality products and a FULL range of services.